Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Averi's Rune

(Reposted from 12/27/07)

I don't know if this is true for everyone, but I like to believe that there are certain scenes in writing that you can't help putting your heart into... The scenes that you see so clearly that it doesn't matter if you have to feel your way around in the dark before and after them. These are, I suppose, the scenes that make it worth the trouble to write.

I'll be the first to admit that SFA isn't entirely planned out from start to finish, and that JLY and I are often surprised by the twists and turns that develop. But there are other parts that seem so intrinsically true and real that I can't help believing in them.

For every chapter of SFA, there are a handful of scenes that feel this way. In particular, the plot twist of Averi's Undead Rune always one of those scenes for me... a scene that anchored me in the SFA world.

Or maybe that sounds silly.

What I mean is that I loved that scene, and I hope it shows through in some small way.

When JLY and I started writing SFA, the story began as a few random clips of various characters. Delighted with the idea of a princess with an Undead Rune, I rushed through about 5 pages of scrambled draft-quality writing to get to this scene. Well, and a scene after it, but that'll come much later.

For now, it's enough to see that we've finally reached that scene and connected all the dots leading up to it.

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