Tuesday, August 18, 2009


(Reposted from 07/08/08)

Around 1AM, I wrote this entry in my journal:

"Today marks the 1-year point of SFA. Exactly 1 year ago today, we started posting the prologues and chapters, and we've held to posting at least one scene per week for the entire year...

That's something that I'm proud of, to make it a year.

And now we're finishing the book. Aside from the daunting task of delivering a good ending that doesn't disappoint, there's also a certain sense of... not loss, not closure-- something in between. A good bye, of sorts.

Well, at least, luckily, I'm not particularly employed at the moment, and JLY has more free time than usual, so we'll be able to devote 7/7/08 to the writing marathon that it deserves.

And, if nothing else, I have absolute faith in our ability to sit down and churn out work for as many hours as it takes.

JLY and I spent all of high school learning exactly how much we can accomplish in any given day-- and the answer is staggering. You never know your limits until you're pushed, and high school definitely pushed us to our breaking points. I've never worked harder than in high school, not even in college, although perhaps at that point, I had learned my limits.

At any rate, I have faith that we can finish this thing, and finish it out right. Working hard and fast and with a good work product? Why, that's exactly what we've been trained to do..."

And, as it turns out, after that journal entry, JLY and I proceeded to meet up today and write, write, write until, at last, we finished. Finished! Maybe I'm still a little giddy with disbelief. It was only about twenty minutes ago that we typed in the last sentence, looked it all over, and realized we were done.

So, I guess that's how this story ends. ^_^



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