Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unediting and Appendices

(Reposted from 10/01/08)

In a mad-dash attempt to get our book published before Christmas, KL and I have been working to finish editing the first book. While it's rewarding to see the book become a much better product, it's also hard to keep up the break-neck pace we've been setting. I think at some point KL said that she didn't know if we were improving the book so much as making it different. -_-*

We've been debating whether or not to push our deadline past Christmas to give SFA more attention. I think it might be a good idea, as I'd like to put the book away for awhile and look at it later with a new perspective. I want to be very meticulous with editing so that SFA will be as perfect as we can make it, but having to look so closely at the text for grammatical or continuity errors is seriously giving me a headache.

Enough about editing.

I've been working on sprucing up and filling out our Guide to the World, a set of documents that describes our world and the people in it in more detail. This is one of those areas where KL and I vastly differ, as she's more of a big-picture person while I enjoy random details (for instance, Wisteria's middle name or the full student registry of Eastridge). Being a perfectionist makes me enjoy organizing, and instead of organizing my room or my office even, I organize things like...comprehensive lists of rune characteristics and character details.

KL and I hope to include our Guide to the World as a set of appendices in the back of our published book so we can share our Book of Runes and our Student Registry with people who would be interested in such information. Also, hopefully, we'll be able to put it up on the website for all to admire (well, mainly me to admire, really)!

Ah, so much work, and so little time...



Favorite Quotation of the Week (or month, I suppose):

As KL has said, "You like to keep meticulous details of every rune we've ever used, while I like to create new ones without telling you."

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