Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Countdown to Disaster

(Reposted from 07/02/08)

JLY and I have been writing at a break-neck speed to meet our 7/7/08 deadline for finishing SFA. We've finished writing Chapter 10 and Chapter 11, which is currently titled Final Examinations. We've started on Chapter 12, and we're making good progress on it. I think we've actually got good odds of finishing by the deadline. I'm pretty optimistic, even though I recently discovered that the document we use to keep track of our time line for what we need to write is titled "Countdown to Disaster.doc"-- clearly JLY has tons of faith in our ability to write quickly =P (Alternate nicknames for it include "The Time Line of Doom"...)

Yet, somehow, we're writing and writing and almost done. And, it's actually been a lot of fun. One of the many great things about writing the final chapters is that the story is falling into place much more easily than I would have expected. Even JLY and I had forgotten some of the elements that we'd purposely set in place earlier in the story, and when we rediscover them, we're usually delighted. Now it's just a matter of tying it all together and not being lazy-- and by that, I mean pushing ourselves to make every scene interesting, fun, and exciting. Which I think we've managed to do lately, hopefully, even though we're writing at such a frantic pace. Well, not too much time left, and we've still got the biggest scenes to tackle, so wish us luck!



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