Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Winter Ball

(Reposted from 01/15/08)

So we're finally at the Winter Ball. Or at least, at the beginning of the Winter Ball story arch. JLY and I have been waiting a long time for this. We originally planned for the Winter Ball to take place a chapter sooner, but there were some loose ends to tie up, so we had to push it back.

One of the trickier things about writing for a world as large as SFA is that there are some things that JLY and I know (like Averi is popular, Annalise has a a lot of social influence, or, Torrent, if pushed, could kill someone with his bare hands) that we take as given facts that everyone intrinsically knows. And, sometimes we forget that unless there's a specific scene illustrating it, these little facts might not come across entirely clearly.

Which is how we ended up detouring for awhile in some of the scenes of Chapter 5: Nobility, and perhaps explains why I have so much hostility towards that chapter. So, at any rate, while we expected to get to the Winter Ball much sooner, it's good at least that we're there now.

For one thing, the Winter Ball requires a date, which puts each of the characters in the tricky situation of finding someone to go with. Even though the whole social side of SFA is really more JLY's thing than mine, I still find this fun. And hopefully, as the chapter goes on, I won't be the only one entertained by it...


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