Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School For Adventurers

(Reposted from 11/11/07)

I'm KL, one of the writers for School for Adventurers, an online novel that we update every week. The story is set in a fantasy world where kids from any background from nobility to farmers can apply to one or more of Eastridge Academy's majors: Mage, Warrior, Thief, or Cleric. The story falls under the action/adventure category, though we try not to take ourselves -too- seriously, so there are some funny scenes mixed into the story.

For SFA, I mostly work on the characters of Averi, Fell, and Torrent. Fans of Wisteria Ling and Wraith Ravin can check out JLY's blog to hear from the primary writer for those characters.

The purpose of this blog is to talk about writing for School for Adventurers. That way, readers can get an inside look at what goes on during the creative process and get an idea of what it takes to get from an idea brainstormed on a white board to a post on the website.

If you haven't read the story, you can start with the Prologues or you can go straight to the main story. If you start with the Prologues, there's a special option of following one character's story instead of reading the full plot. With so many characters, we realize that people might want to only read about one person, so this option allows you to skip around to just the scenes with that character. This is a fun way to start out with SFA, but you'll probably eventually want to read the full story, since the plot lines eventually converge.

Thanks for reading.

- KL

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