Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello World

(Reposted from 11/11/07)

I'm JLY, one of the writers for Eastridge Academy: School For Adventurers (SFA), an online novel updated weekly. SFA is a fantasy and action/adventure story that follows the lives of different students at Eastridge as they work to become famous (or infamous) Thieves, Mages, Clerics, or Warriors.

If you haven't read the story, I recommend it (of course, I would). You can jump right in and start at the beginning of the main story. Or, for variety: since SFA is written from several different perspectives, you can choose to follow your favorite character by starting from their personal prologue--choose from Averi, Rai, Wisteria, or Fell.

This blog is devoted to the writing of School for Adventurers. It is for anyone interested in reading and learning more about the method behind the madness...or, our own particular process of writing. Fans of Averi, Fell, and Torrent can go to KL's blog to learn more about the primary writer behind those characters. =) I write mainly for the characters of Thief Rai Ravin and Cleric Wisteria Ling, and help KMRicker with character and costume design.

This blog will be updated whenever I feel like it.

I promise nothing.

Thanks for reading,


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